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Logo Lounge 2 (vol. 2) por Catharine Fishel; Bill Gardner

Logo Lounge 2 (vol. 2) por Catharine Fishel;
                    Bill Gardner epub

Descargar Logo Lounge 2 (vol. 2) por Catharine Fishel; Bill Gardner Epub y PDF

Título: Logo Lounge 2 (vol. 2)

Autores: Catharine Fishel; Bill Gardner

Publicado: 18/05/2005

ISBN: 9781592531127

Tamaño: 14 MB

Nº de páginas: 191

Idiomas: Español

Valoración: ★★★★★

Formato : PDF, EPUB

Catharine Fishel; Bill Gardner con Logo Lounge 2 (vol. 2)

Bill Gardner, Catharine FishelBill Gardner is president of Gardner Design and has produced work for Learjet, Thermos, Nissan, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Coleman Outdoor, Excel, Cargill Corporation, and the 2004 Athens Olympics. His work has been featured in Communication Arts, Print, Graphis, New York Art Directors, Step By Step, Mead Top 60, the Museum of Modern Art, and many other national and international design exhibitions. He lives in Wichita, Kansas. Catharine Fishel runs Catharine & Sons, a full-service editorial company that specializes in working with designers and related industries. The former editor of Dynamic Graphicsmagazine, she frequently writes for Step-by-Step Graphics, PRINT, DesignNet, and other trade publications. She has authored five books for Rockport. She lives in Morton, Illinois.
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