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Orlando por Virginia Woolf

Orlando por Virginia Woolf epub

Descargar Orlando por Virginia Woolf Epub y PDF

Título: Orlando

Autores: Virginia Woolf

Publicado: 01/12/2005

ISBN: 9780141188294

Tamaño: 30 MB

Nº de páginas: 288

Idiomas: Español

Valoración: ★★★★★

Formato : PDF, EPUB

Virginia Woolf con Orlando

Orlando has always been an outsider . . . His longing for passion, adventure and fulfilment takes him out of his own time. Chasing a dream through the centuries, he bounds from Elizabethan England and imperial Turkey to the modern world. Will he find happiness with the exotic Russian Princess Sasha? Or is the dashing explorer Shelmerdine the ideal man? And what form will Orlando take on the journey – a nobleman, traveller, writer? Man or . . . woman?
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