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Black Jack Point por Jeff Abbott

Black Jack Point por Jeff Abbott epub

Descargar Black Jack Point por Jeff Abbott Epub y PDF

Título: Black Jack Point

Autores: Jeff Abbott

Publicado: 25/09/2007

ISBN: 9780751540000

Tamaño: 34 MB

Nº de páginas: 60

Idiomas: Español

Valoración: ★★★★★

Formato : PDF, EPUB

Jeff Abbott con Black Jack Point

They found Whit Mosley's missing friends at Black Jack Point - dead and buried, along with bones and relics from a legendary past. When Whit opens an inquest into the murders, he's plunged into a shadowy world of ruthless treasure hunters and double-crossing tycoons - all chasing a long-lost fortune in emeralds and gold. His only ally, police detective Claudia Salazar, is kidnapped at sea and held hostage in a deadly game of betrayal and greed. To survive, both Claudia and Whit must stay one step ahead of their common enemy - a desperate killer far more dangerous than any pirate of old...
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