Loreta "Lita" Jamito, a cancer survivor, from the Philippines was forced to use Reishi Therapy as her
alternative strategy rather than the traditional western medicine for lack of financial resource. Read
the summary of her story below.
It was sometime in 2000 that she noticed something
is wrong with her but not until Novemebr 2001 that
her doctor found a
tumor growing on her
which needed immediate surgery. Lita
Jamito, age 47, could not come up with the money
needed for the operation. She let three years passed
when her health took a turn for the worse which
requires hospitalization. This time, there are three
more cancer growth on her pancreas, which made
her skinny, her tummy bloated, developed diabetes,
lost her sight and beginning to have complications in
her lungs. She still refused operations but instead
consumed five pairs of DXN's RG/GL combination
for three months. She was later released from the
hospital since her tumors have dissappeared.
Dr. Yogesh Kumar Singhal (Delhi, India), a diabetic and not easily persuaded with herbal
He was so happy with the results from DXN's RG/GL together with Spirulina and Morinzhi
drink. Prior, he was taking 72 iu of insulin divided into three doses per day. He could not function the
way he wanted to due to lack of energy and because of it was getting depressed.
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Disclaimer: The following TESTIMONIALS are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any
disease. It does not imply that you replace your medical treatment nor stop your medication without
consulting with your attending physician. The testimonies are opinons expressed by people relating their
experiences with DXN's Ganoderma.
Mrs. Puttayamma, 60 years, referred by Dr.Malathy Ramani. 5th May 2000, cancer cervic, HB
treated with radiotherapy. Biopsy poorly differentiated squamous cells, cancerous wound in
vulvovaginal region, severe pain and purulent discharge. 21.09.2000, 1 pair for 1st week and 2 pairs
morning and evening till 31.10.2000 and 3 pairs for one month. Patient general condition improved very
well, side effects of radiotherapy had come down. 27.11.2000 started RG 2x2x2 for 6 days, GL 4x4x4
for 6 days. Patient was looking healthy. Pain had come down. Scan revealed the Tumour Mass had
come down and no further spread. 04.12.2000 RG-3, GL-6 daily. General condition improved very well.
10.01.2001 - RG-2, GL-2 till April 2001. 15.07.2001 - General condition good, no weight loss.
17.11.2002 Scan revealed uterus atrophic size reduced, no free fluid. General condition good, 2 pairs
daily for maintenance.

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Mrs. Vasanthy Narasimhan - 50 years (Referred by Dr.Malathi Ramani) - Known diabetic for 13 years
(Insulin dependent). Peripheral neuropathy. Also had General weakness, breathlessness, chronic fatigue
syndrome. Advised to start on RG + GL as a supportive therapy from May 2000. First week 1 pair and
2nd week, 2 pairs. Continuous monitoring done. Same dosage and Lingzhi coffee was also advised to
give energy. Patient started improving within 6 months of therapy. On 31.01.2001, she had impairment
of blood circulation in both feet, and had frequent ulceration on her big toe, for which RG powder was
advised to be applied after cleaning. Now general health improved. Blood sugar fluctuating between
130-150. Dosage of insulin reduced to 10 units. Cardiac system functioning good. No burning feet
problem. Patient able to do all her work, by herself. Ulceration of the toes - healed completely.
Mr.Thegh Rajsharma - Defective hearing - 6 months - Difficulty to deal with students, Doctor advised ear machine for
hearing. Being a Teacher I planned to quit the job. Tremors in Right Hand, Blood Pressure. Started 1 pair on
24.08.2003. 25.09.203 to 26.11.2003 - hearing problem improved after 25 days. Able to talk and listen freely. Tremor
in right hand controlled. Blood Pressure under control 140/80 mg. RG/GL is good for health. Thanks to our founder
Dr.Lim Siow Jin for giving such a wonderful health product.

This person has so many health problems. He has an amazing story to share in the next testimonial:
Mr.Biplapkanti Roy - Gastric complaint from 1975. No other complaints except chronic dysentery. During June 1989,
suffered badly from Malaria and infective Hepatitis simultaneously. Side effects of drugs and post malarial and
hepatitis led me to suffer a lot up to Oct 2001.

I have undergone several regular allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic treatments during last decade, but a slight relief
of one disease with increase of other complaints experienced several times and I was ultimately frustrated that there
is no hope of permanent cure from all such diseases. Pleurisy intervened in 1995 while 1.5 litre of fluid was extracted
from left lobe of lungs.

Started gano on 14.11.2001 with 2 pairs a day and increased by 1 pair on successive weeks and took 6 pair for eight
months and later on with a highest dose as 10 pair a day for a week for a particular complaint of unaltered coldness of
both legs up to waist. At present maintaining with 4 pair per day, DXN soap, morinzhi, 3 in 1 coffee and ganozhi
toothpast regularly. I have consumed 1 pair in the evening on 14.11.2001 and got relieved of respiratory troubles very

I felt very much light and fresh, I was able to inhale sufficient air as per requirement easily, which brought sufficient
confidence on RG & GL and I could hope for a new path for recovery from various long suffering diseases. I got rid of
the following complaints. These are Gastric troubles, low BP, severe sleeping disorder, hypertension, regular
coughing problem, chest pain, peculiar skin problem, lost complexion, hearing problem with pain in ears, dizziness,
constipation, neurosis, especially unbalanced body movement, coldness of both legs up to waist, falling of hairs,
dandruff, sinusoidal problem, hindering of speech, blockage in nasal passage, severe regular pain, lower back pain,
blurry eye sight.

Got relief of cold in a portion of right leg (below knee) unbelievably after consumption of mega doses as 5 pairs twice
a day for a week and after which I have been feeling uniform heat in both the legs. I am feeling very fresh and delightful
every moments everyday.
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