Poor survivability for Cancer Patients

Cancer and Western Medicine
According to The American Cancer Society's 2008 estimates that 37,680 will be diagnosed with
pancreatic cancer and 34,290 will die from it - a 91% chance that you will not make it.

Cancer is such a dreaded disease because it is almost a certainty that you will die from it when it
has spread. It is frustrating to know that with the billions of dollars raised for cancer research
including government money over the years (billions more was announced by President Obama to
help find a cure for cancer) and we still have yet to find a cure for it. It is unfortunate that the most
western medicine can do is to put cancer in remission. According to the 2006 SEER (Surveillance
Epidemiology and End Results) data from National Cancer Institute that the chances of getting any
cancer in remission for five years (or according to SEER definition is
5-year survival rate) is

However, the good news is that the survival rate from cancer is higher if it is detected early. The
problem is
how do you detect a disease if it does not show any symptoms? It probably is the
reason why cancer is the most common misdiagnosed disease.

Modern medical approach to cancer is very radical. First is surgical procedure to remove any
visible tumor(s) from the body but only if it is surgically possible. If it so happen that cancer attacked
a specific organ, it will be taken out. Then, the body will be subjected to chemotherapy and
radiotherapy to ensure that whatever cancer not removed from surgery, chemo and radiation
therapy will. Only after these procedures will the patient be declared cancer-free but only temporarily
because the term used is "in remission". Imagine what quality of life will the patient have if parts of
his body are missing?

Chemotherapy is the country's most popular way of "fighting back" but the statistical survival rate is
dismal. One doctor was asked why so many people are on chemotherapy. He replied, "When a
family member gets sick, the family will ask us to do something. This is the best we have at the

According to Dr. John Diamond, MD and a senior holistic healer, that chemotherapy might work 7%
of the time. He said, "Chemotherapy's success record is poor. It can achieve remission in about 7%
of all human cancers. This type of survival is not the same as a cure or restored quality of life."
Medical Writer, Ralph Moss, Ph.D., said that there is no proof that chemotherapy in the vast majority
of cases actually extends life.

So, for a cancer patient whose condition was discovered in the later stages of the disease, his
survival rate by going with modern westerm medicine alone does not look very promising.
western medicine becomes ineffective, what exactly has the patient to lose if he were to
choose alternative medical therapy?
Is there any glimmer of hope anywhere?

The Eastern Approach
Most people in the East and other developing countries cannot afford the high cost of western
medicine. The Chinese, for example, have long trusted their Traditional Chinese Medicine and are
likely to go with alternative medicine to address their health challenges. The government of Japan
supports program that searches for a cure in nature. Dr. Yoshi's project in searching for the best
strain of Reishi received funding from the Japanese government to help find a cure for cancer that
was prevalent in his country. You are likely to find more research done on nature's best sources in
the East than in the West. Perhaps it is a philosophical difference accepting the fact that man
cannot replicate nature. Or in the West, could it be that you cannot patent nature and therefore it has
no commercial value?

Reishi, The Miracle Mushroom and Cancer
Dr. Jonathan Wright, a noted natural medicine practitioner said, " In 40 years, I've never healed a
single patient. They heal themselves." I truly believe that our body has the ability to correct itself but
only if we provide the proper nutritional tools for it to work its miracle. Ganoderma is a food
supplement and it is not a drug to cure a specific disease. However, the body seems invigorated
when consumed and able to do its task in keeping our body healthy. In Japan, Brazil and the U.K.,
their studies found increasing evidence that regular consumption of reishi mushroom over
prolonged periods reduce the levels of cancer incidence.

Howard Lewis of Life Force Herbs in the U.K wrote that fungi affects humans so profoundly because
on a cellular level, they have more in common than any higher plants. Is it any wonder why the best
source for antibiotics comes from fungi? He then added, "The potent ability of medicinal mushroom
bioactive compounds to modulate so many important immune cells maybe due to their structural
diversity and variability. Polysaccharides from medicinal mushrooms have the greatest potential for
structural variability and the highest capacity for carrying biological information (i.e. the number of
possible permutation from four different polysaccharides is 35,560 unique tetrasaccharides
compared to 24 different permutations from four different amino acids)."

Please go to Dr. Morishige web page regarding cancer and Reishi to read his report, which is
based on results from human clinical trials. His clinical studies on patients with terminal cancer were
given Reishi as their last hope since western medicine gave up treating them. Although not
extensive in numbers, all patients in the study however, responded well to the treatment. You may
find these information useful in your search for best alternative treatment.

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